How does orange cream shake, lemon fantasy, oatmeal raisin food bar, s’more granola and caramel nut bar sound? Mouth-watering isn’t it? For those who are on a strict diet, just the mere mention of such delectable foods is already taboo or forbidden. But what if one day, you have heard of a diet plan which includes these tempting snacks on their diet regimen, what would you do? Of course, most dieters will go for this type of diet more than the other available diet plans.

Medifast diet produced and distributed by Medifast Inc. has been in the market for over 25 years now. This is probably one of the reasons why they have already mastered the art of creating meals and menus suited for those who want to lose weight. Dieters only have to follow simple steps and instructions and in a month’s time, as attested in some of the Medifast reviews online, they can already see flattering results.

Alongside these “sweets”, Medifast diet also includes a “lean and green one piece snack meal”. Looking at the name itself, one can say that this meal comprises of lean meat and green vegetables. So who could ever say that if you are on a diet you are prohibited to eat sweets and meat? It is very obvious, backed by Medifast reviews; those who choose to eat diet foods under the Medifast diet are able to eat healthy without sacrificing the taste.

Better decide now. Eat healthy, exercise and be among the several people who have shared their success stories in their Medifast reviews on the net.