Adages 3:5 – 6. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own agreement. On the whole thy ways recognize him, and he will coordinate thy ways.

What’s the significance here when we trust in somebody? Trust can mean a few things, it implies dependence on the uprightness or equity of an individual, or trust in some quality, element or trait of somebody. It implies a sure assumption or expectation, to have confidence or trust in a person or thing.

Does this depict your trust in God? Do you have total dependence on His honesty? Do you have a sure assumption that He will deal with you, address your issues?

How about we Look at somebody in the Bible who did totally trust in God.

Beginning 22:1-2,6-13: “And it happened after these things, that God demonstrated Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham. Furthermore, he said, Here am I. Also, he said, Take now thy child, thine just child, whom thou lovest, even Isaac, and get you into the place that is known for Moriah. Also, offer him there for a consumed endless supply of the mountains which I will tell you of….. Furthermore, Abraham took the wood of the consumed offering, and laid it upon Isaac his child. Furthermore, he took in his grasp the fire and the blade. Also, they went the two of them together. Also, Isaac spake unto Abraham his dad, and said, My dad. Furthermore, he said, Here am I, my child. What’s more, he said, Behold, the fire and the wood. Yet, where is the sheep for a consumed offering? Also, Abraham said, God will give himself the sheep Father George Rutler to a consumed offering, my child. So they went the two of them together. What’s more, they went to the spot which God had advised him of. Furthermore, Abraham assembled the special stepped area there, and laid the wood all together, and bound Isaac his child, and laid him on the raised area, upon the wood. Furthermore, Abraham extended forward his hand, and took the blade to kill his child. Also, the holy messenger of Jehovah called unto him out of paradise, and said, Abraham, Abraham. Furthermore, he said, Here I am. What’s more, he said, Lay not thy hand upon the fellow, neither do thou anything unto him. For the present I realize that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not retained thy child, thine just child, from me. What’s more, Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and see, behind him a slam trapped in the brush by his horns. Furthermore, Abraham proceeded to take the smash, and offered him up for a consumed offering in the stead of his child.”

This is a significant Bible exercise from various perspectives.

We have consistently been educated to view at it as the best illustration of confidence, having total trust in God.

– Living Bible

Jews 11:17-19: “While God was trying him, Abraham actually confided in God and his guarantees, thus he presented his child Isaac, and was prepared to kill him on the special raised area of penance; indeed, to kill even Isaac, through whom God had vowed to give Abraham an entire country of relatives! He accepted that if Isaac kicked the bucket God would resurrect him once more; and that is just about what occurred, taking everything into account, Isaac was bound to death, however he returned again alive!”

Abraham planned to execute his solitary child, and offer him for a penance, the person who he had accepted for and confided in God for, even as an elderly person, past the time of having kids.

Abraham planned to forfeit his lone child, since God advised him to. He planned to get rid of the solitary child He had, on the grounds that God advised Him to.